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Pallet rack inspections -


The safe route to a safer warehouse.

The pallet rack inspection checklist identifies all the critical elements requiring inspection.

Why you must have your racking inspected regularly.


Failure to inspect your racking regularly can lead to costly accidents and is in breach of Health and Safety Legislation.  Using our pallet rack inspection service with SEMA approved rack inspectors ensures that you comply with HSE guidelines as defined in HSG76.


Pallet Rack Inspections is a totally independent company specialising in rack inspections.  We don't sell or install racking so there is no conflict of interest and this separation ensures a totally unbiased report in accordance with SEMA guidelines.


Simply complete the rack inspection enquiry form for a fast, no obligation, fixed price quote.

Pallet Rack Inspections uses only SEMA approved inspectors ensuring that your racking is inspected according to SEMA guidelines by a technically competent person.

Our Philosophy

We only use fully accredited SARI's (SEMA approved rack inspectors) who will spend just as long as it takes to conduct a thorough pallet rack inspection to identify faults, damage, and installation problems.


Need some help and guidance, or just a little unclear about what sort of pallet racking you have and what is involved in the racking inspection process.  Just give us a call on 01952 898746 and a SEMA Approved Rack Inspector will guide you through the process.

IT based inspections

Our comprehensive reporting software produces clear easy to understand damage reports which also generate summaries by risk and damage type. This makes it simple to follow and prioritise follow up actions.

0560 372 2955

Prefer to Email us?

Got a specific problem?  Send us an email.  You could also attach some photos as they can be really useful in identifying rack types or specific problems.

Rack inspection report

The racking inspection will be followed up by a damage report detailing damage by location according to SEMA damage codes. In addition there will be a comprehensive racking inspection report explaining all the important issues identified in the racking inspection.


The Pallet Rack Inspection report gives a detailed analysis of the issues and defects identified in the rack inspection damage report.
Pallet racking inspection checklist identifying damage according to the SEMA damage codes.
The red risk notice identifies serious defects requiring immediate action to render the installation safe.  this is usually immediate offloading of the affected components.
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